Happy Easter


We are still in Florida, where it's hard to tell the difference between winter and spring sometimes unless I decorate with appropriate quilts. Or little pillows. These are small enough to use as pincushions or just to tuck into an Easter basket.  I tend to do my bright colors in Florida, probably for that reason.

We are still dealing with Hurricane Irma related issues, but compared to some of our neighbors our damages were minimal. Which also means that no one is in a hurry to come and fix anything.


The window on the left corner is from my sewing room, which needed cleaning after the airconditioning had been off for a few weeks, leaving a moldy, musty smell. A lot of the fabric had to be washed and ironed. Since this is where my stash began it offered an opportunity to weed out some old "wonder" fabrics (I wonder why I bought those?).

We are fortunate to live on a lake, where we can experience the most spectacular sunrises. As soon as I could use my sewing room again I was inspired to make a quilt called "Florida Sunrise". I'll give you a sneak preview now and show the full quilt in my next post.