Hi, my name is Sjoukje!

cobean house quilts

I know, I know. My husband used to explain that it sounds like Shell - as in the oil - and Kia - as in the car. Then one day we got a thank-you note addressed to Shell-oil-kia... But anyway, it kinda sounds like that. It's a Dutch name, as I was born and raised in the Netherlands.

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spools quilt

Even though I grew up in the country on a dairy farm, quilts were not part of my heritage.

Unfortunately, I don't have any quilts handed down from my grandmother!

I did learn how to knit, mend, crochet, embroider, sew, and all the other needle arts, when I was in elementary school. How I hated it! All I wanted was to read - my other passion.

Art was in my blood, however, and after many side trips I ended up with quilting. As a friend of mine used to say: everything else is rubbish!