Organizing My Scraps

Every once in a while, I like to take the time to sort my scraps into manageable pieces. The left -over pieces from a fat quarter, the trimmed edges when the quilt comes back from the longarmer,  the cut-off triangles from snowball blocks, all the odds and ends that I collect in a basket, until there is no more room, get ironed (if necessary) and cut into useful strips or squares. One of the most often used measurements in quilting seems to be 2 1/2" - so usually I start out by cutting 2 1/2" strips, or, if the piece is not long enough, 2 1/2" squares. I do use other sizes, but for now we'll stick to 2 1/2".

There's something very satisfying in reducing the jumble of fabric to neat stacks of dark and light squares.

Quilting scraps
Sjoukje Schipstra