I enjoy teaching and invite you to have a look at my classes.

My classes vary from absolute beginners to intermediate and advanced, from relaxed sit-and-sew classes to more intense technique teaching.  

Whatever the level of expertise in the class is, I will make sure no one is left behind and that everyone has fun! Often I combine a full-day workshop with a trunk show, because I like talking about quilts almost as much as I like making them. 

jellybean quilt class
Spiderweb quilt pattern


Just like eating jellybeans can be addictive, so can making these happy, bright blocks! Use your favorite jelly roll or raid your stash for this fun and easy to create quilt project.

Strip piecing with a twist! A controlled colors scheme, like red-white-and-blue or Christmas colors would be a wonderful alternative. Instead of white divider strips, black would be very dramatic. (This is an all day class.)


Use up your scraps with this String Piecing project. A stress- and hassle-free pattern. This design would look great in plaids or in modern brights.

A 2 1/2 hour class would teach you the technique and allow you to make several blocks.

Cabin quilt pattern

Cabin In The Garden

Two traditional patterns and techniques: the center is a log cabin and is surrounded by Broderie Perse flowers, which is really a fancy word for cut-and-paste!

A full day 5 hour class, allowing the morning for the log cabin pattern and the afternoon for Broderie Perse. 

quilt pattern class

Ring Around the Rosies

Simple piecing with a sophisticated result. Careful placing of the colored strips create the illusion of rings around the floral squares.

A full day, 5-hour class.


quilt pattern class

Sisters and Outlaws

Two different blocks: Sister's Choice is the one with the half-square triangles combined with the Album Block.

This is an all-day, 5-hour class.

quilt making class